New Spark 360 release adds background updates, friend notifications

This version brings something that’s been very frequently requested: background updates; specifically for friends and messaging; with notifications now optional. To keep things reasonable, games aren’t updated in the background (unless you have a widget on your home screen – in which case, they are).

Full list of changes:

  • Smoother scrolling and faster loading for the Friend list
  • Favorite friends – “star” any friend in the friend list to mark them as “favorite”
  • Background updates! Spark can now perform friend and message updates in the background, with optional notifications for new messages and friends (any or favorite) coming online
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor visual changes

Download from Android Market

I should also mention that I realize that not everyone was happy with the new color scheme for the app. A not-so-distant future release will bring back the traditional green Xbox theme. Thanks to all of you who expressed your concern.

UPDATE: 3.02 provides a fix for the friends list not loading on new installations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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18 Responses to New Spark 360 release adds background updates, friend notifications

  1. Pyract says:

    I just installed this app today and so far I think its great, however it won’t load my friends list. I keep getting this error: Unexpected error: Failed to insert row into content://com.akop.bach.xboxliveprovider/friends.

  2. DreamScar says:

    Thanks for listening to your customers about the color scheme. I am curious, will there be an option to choose between the two or will it strictly be the original green theme? I hope you will be able to incorporate an option method as I’m sure there are some users who prefer the orange layout.

  3. bzz0 says:

    Love the app! I havent been able to update, installation is unsuccessful. I thought it was a problem on my end, and ended up resetting the phone and it hasnt helped. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems. Android 1.5

    • Akop says:

      A lot of people have been reporting download/install problems lately. Unfortunately, those are out of our control – it’s an Android Market thing. 🙁

  4. Bobby says:

    Great update!

    I noticed a small (annoying) bug. Sometimes the friend list failes to load or loads only some of my friends. This is not a real problem, but it seems that a friend that is not loaded correctly once, will lose it’s ‘favorite’ star. Because of this (and my laggy 3g connection) the notify favorite friends option is not working properly.

    The stars are disappeared before one of my starred friends are online, so i will never receive a notification. The notify options for all friends is working great, so i will use this option for now. THX for this great app!

  5. Claymore says:

    Latest version keeps giving me – Unexpected error: com.akop.caffine.util.SerializableCookie – any ideas?

    • Akop says:

      Try clearing all your data (under Android menu’s Manage Applications, then Spark 360). This should also be fixed in the next release, hopefully.

  6. prf papshmere says:

    Hey! I thought if Yous could on an update poss. Put a section in of what your gamerscore would be out of a total of all games (32876/113657). And if poss. Making your avatar move like actually on the xbox! Thanks that would be amazing!!!!

  7. W 4 R IVI4CH1N3 says:

    I agree with prf papshmere %100 there would be nothing more you could do it would have everthing you needed besides playing the games 😀

  8. Shinkou says:

    Was getting a null Java error whenever I attempted to refresh the app (sorry I don’t have the exact wording) so I installed the update from the Market. Then I was getting an “Unexpected error” whenever I opened the app so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now when I try to set up my account again I am getting an “Account verification error” even though I logged into and my e-mail address and password are working correctly. Any suggestions?

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