…you’re sure to get a smile, from seven stranded…

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, so I thought it only fair to update on my recent work.

I considered the requests to write another port of Castaway, and actually began porting two different versions to PSP. Both attempts ended similarly – 4-color mode works, but the 16-color mode sets the emulator in an infinite loop, from which it never exits. My attempts to get in touch with the earlier developer of Castaway (PSP) were unsuccessful, so after about a week of hitting brick walls, I abandoned the work. I may still return to it eventually (VICE PSP was shelved for about 3 months before I got it to work), but I’m not completely certain, and would rather not make any promises I can’t keep.

Other than that, I got a Google Android phone recently, and found myself fascinated with the platform. The idea that one can actually look at the source code of one’s own cellular phone seems almost surreal, yet it’s very much a reality. I’m currently working on an XBox Live Profile viewer, which will be releasing soon – if you’re interested, check back in a while. I’m fairly certain that I will not be porting any emulators to the platform, as its controls are woefully inadequate for proper game enjoyment, and the platform is more or less limited to Java development (read: managed platform; considerable speed limitations).

That said, I’m not abandoning PSP development. But I do feel like I should take a break for a while.

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4 Responses to …you’re sure to get a smile, from seven stranded…

  1. umpa says:

    Hi.I hope you find a solution for Castaway psp port.Atari St have a good game library. My prefer game is Toki (Great conversion for Atari St).

    and the porting of Game & Watch simulators?Some news ?

  2. ewgf says:

    I thought I’d posted in response to this a couple of days back – I must not have clicked “Submit Comment”? Getting old…

    Anyway, I was interested to see that you’d started an ST emulator, if you do continue with it then that would be great, but I know that you have a lot of open projects, and no doubt a social life making demands on your time too. Is Castaway the best ST emulator for porting to the PSP, by the way? I know that WinSTon is open source, and I’d hope that the brilliant STeem is too. I take it you’ve been in contact with people on the ST emulation boards ( http://www.atari-forum.com/ ) for help with any problems and questions?

    By the way, as a programmer, are you interested in Google’s new OS that’s due out next year? Apparently it’s a slimline Linux geared towards online handheld computers, and I’d imagine that that would interest you greatly. At the moment, it doesn’t matter to me (a plain old consumer) as I don’t have a netbook, and don’t really plan on getting one in the foreseeable future, but anything that offers an attractive solution to the bloatware that is Windows is very welcome.

    If you do return to PSP programming, do you have any plans to maybe release a new version of FUSE PSP? There’s not a lot left that could benefit the emulator, and I’d love to see the few features it currently lacks (poke/.POK support, definable speed, maybe a take back (reverse time) function) put in. It’s still by far my most used PSP program.

    I can’t remember what else I typed last time (it’s been a long day), so I’ll stop here (lucky you!).

    • Akop says:

      I find netbook-type dealies slightly too annoying to be of any use, much like I wouldn’t use a cell phone for emulation, or serious games (there already is an impressive, if awkwardly controlled NES emulator for it, by the way, as well as an MSX emulator without any sound).

      I do find the Android platform interesting for other things, however, and Google Chrome OS might be worth a tinker or two as well.

      As for Fuse, I will definitely update it, as well as other emulators as time permits. Although it’s lower on my priority queue at the moment, because there are some others that I haven’t updated for a while now.

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