Atari800 PSP version released

Almost two years after the last release, Atari800 PSP sees another update today. New in version

  • Emulator updated to version 2.1.0
  • Added ZIP file support
  • PSPLIB updated to latest version: images are now saved under PSP/PHOTOS/ATARI800 PSP; virtual keyboard updated; screenshot previews in file browser


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5 Responses to Atari800 PSP version released

  1. Marco says:

    Thank you Akop for not abandoning the PSP homebrew scene and updating your releases! It is very much appreciated!

  2. Chris says:

    Obviously, you are at least as much a fan of Pac-Man as I am, so it’s unlikely I’m telling you something you don’t already know. But the starting jingle of 5200 Pac-Man sounds horrible.
    What puzzles me most is that the way it sounds wrong is very similar to as it sounds in PSPAtari.
    I wonder if there is something special about Sony’s consoles that causes so many problems with sound chip emulation.
    Take, for example, the ports of Vice to PS2 and PSP. They all have sound-related bugs.
    A reproduceable way to show this is to run the ESI-cracked version of California Games.
    When you get to the game’s title screen, the percussions will be missing, unless you go to the settings and click the ‘filters’ checkbox twice. Then they’ll be there. (This applies to FastSID only. If I select ReSID in your port of Vice, the sound will be as it should be.)

    Now that’s not enough evidence to suspect something special about Sony’s consoles.
    But then there’s TinySID by Rainer Sinsch. He’s written it from scratch, but still there’s often one of the C64’s voices missing when a song is started.

    As stated, I am puzzled.

    • Akop says:

      The answer is actually much simpler. Modern consoles can reproduce more or less anything you can throw at them – the challenge is writing a good sound chip emulator (see the SCC/PSG sound generator in fMSX PSP, for a good example of a fast and high-quality sound engine).

      The sound issue with Atari800 PSP is known – it’s due to the fact that it uses the older Atari800 sound engine, which is fast enough to make the emulator playable on PSP’s limited specs, but unfortunately, far from perfect. The newer engine is much better, but also renders the emulator near-unplayable, even at 333 MHz. As for PSPAtari, it’s based on the same emulator (Atari800), so it suffers from the same limitation. You’ll get the same effect if you try the Windows version of Atari800, and select the “older” engine.

      As for VICE, more or less the same issue – except both ReSID and FastSID are within the capabilities of the PSP, and the speed difference between them is minimal.

  3. Chris says:

    Hmm… Do you think a port of kat5200 to PSP would suffer from the same kind of problems?

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