Fuse PSP version released (and Happy New Year, naked weirdos)

Fuse PSP is now out. New in this version:

  • Fuse updated to version
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Support for compressed disks (see documentation)
  • Option to enable/disable sound while tape is loading (only works with Fastloading disabled)
  • Option to enable/disable “Issue 2” keyboard support
  • Extra button options – Square/Cross/Circle/Triangle with L or R trigger held down
  • Option to enable/disable tape fastloading (some games do not load correctly when enabled)
  • Virtual keyboard: emulation should not lag as much when virtual keyboard is displayed
  • Virtual keyboard: classic display mode (show when R held down), or toggle mode (show/hide when R is pressed)
  • Added state exporting to other versions of Fuse – press Start while the ‘Save/Load’ tab is selected—an SNA file will be written to the snapshot directory
  • Tape autoloading (not to be confused with save state autoloading, already in the previous release)
  • Snapshots are now saved into PSP’s own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP’s image viewer
  • File selector snapshots – while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game

If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, I recommend backing up your save states, configuration files and ROM’s, and copying them to the new folders — as opposed to copying the new files over your current Fuse PSP directory layout.


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10 Responses to Fuse PSP version released (and Happy New Year, naked weirdos)

  1. ewgf says:

    Brilliant mate, downloading now!

  2. Stranno says:

    Supperb, many thanks man, i will play Camelot now xD

  3. pspmonkey says:

    Awesome way to start the new year – thanks!

  4. 240-185 says:

    Nice work, but I can’t load any .SCL file any more 🙁
    It seems the gluk boot has disappeared…

    • Akop says:

      I’m not sure why the Gluk menu is not showing up, but I’m fairly certain that it has to do with changes in version 0.10 of Fuse (parent emulator). If anyone can tell me how to turn enable/disable it in any version of Fuse (PC/Mac, etc…), I can check it out.


  5. Amgava says:

    Thank’s a lot!

  6. Stranno says:

    uberjack, you should take a look on Wonderswan emulation, coz there’s only two projects (eswan is e[mulator] and oswan is cygne), e[mulator] is the most advanced yet, many (many) options, sound, a few graphics modes, savestates but … no fullspeed, there’s GPU emulation but its not fullspeed yet (close to)

    Wonderswan is my favorite portable console ever and it should have a perfect emulator on PSP

    Think about it 😉

    Thanks, bye

  7. uberjack says:

    Thanks, everyone. 240-185 and egwf – I will look into the issues you mentioned.

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