The [F]use is lit…

Joining the cornucopia of emulators today is a port of the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse), a Sinclair Spectrum emulator. A nice addition to the PSP port is support for ZIP files.

I’m happy with most of the port, however, there is an issue with intermittent tape loading hangs that I will be investigating further. To mitigate this issue (and Spectrum’s slow tape loads), I’m (grudgingly, for those of you who remember Caprice32 😉 ) adding support for Z80 files from the game tab. The ‘autoload slot’ feature is also available.

Please check the documentation for any other issues. Feedback is always appreciated!


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7 Responses to The [F]use is lit…

  1. brcu says:

    Great work, it’s good to see another Spectrum emulator on the PSP.

    Fantastic first release and I look forward to updates.

    I helped with testing with PSPectrum, so send me an email if you need a tester.

    Thanks for your work.

  2. uberjack says:

    Thanks for the offer,

    I don’t generally do “closed testing,” however, if you’d like to submit bug reports (other than the known issues listed in documentation), by all means, go for it.

  3. brcu says:

    Sure, will post anything issues I find.

    I have a suggestion for a feature if possible, can you add enable/disable usb as an option so I can access the game folder on the memory stick (It just saves going to the xmb and back into the emulator) Useful when deleting/changing screenshots or adding new games to the memory stick).

  4. brcu says:

    Possible Bugs?

    RZX files don’t work has the feature been removed in the port ?

    The emulator doesn’t seem to exit cleanly back to xmb at times.

  5. uberjack says:

    RZX (and a number of other extensions) were omitted from the last version (oversight on my part). They will be included in the next release.
    When you say exit cleanly – does it hang?

    Please send bug reports by email; it’ll be easier for me to track them that way. Thanks

  6. great emulator uberjack. Another PSPectrum beta tester coming out of the woodwork here 😉

    what have you got planned for this? any chance of game-sharing our favorite multiplayer speccy games? (Gauntlet online… i drool at the prospect!)

    any other such cutting edge ideas? there’s a good site called which has games saving their scores online – i wonder if a feature like this could be added if they would provide the modified games (i assume thats how they do it) it would certainly be a most unique and impressive feature to have.

    good luck with whatever you have planned.

  7. uberjack says:

    Thanks. I’ve been working on ad-hoc wifi code for another emulator; if that pans out, most (all?) of my emulators should eventually get wifi support.

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