Porting old PC games

When I was just starting to program for the PSP, I envisioned first doing a port of fMSX, then a port of an emulator specifically for emulating arcade versions of Mortal Kombat games 1-3. Since I don’t think any emulators other than MAME support the games (and MAME’s source is a tangled mess), I doubt that phase will ever come to fruition.

Most recently I’ve also considered porting older games, however, and if someone else doesn’t do them first (I hope they do), I just might do a port myself. Two obvious choices right now are OpenTyrian, a rewrite of Tyrian, and Wargus, the Warcraft II-compatible RTS engine based on Stratagus. I prefer not to port these projects myself, as they’re both based on SDL, and I happen to have an inherent dislike for hardware abstraction frameworks.

If you’re looking for an interesting port project, both of these games should be a welcome distraction from the many flavors of DooM already ported to the PSP.

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  1. zx-81 says:

    Opentyrian looks great, and it’s based on SDL so it should not be hard to port to PSP. I will give it a try, and add it in my to-do list :).



    PS:I’m looking for a “Blockout” clone if it doesn’t exist already ?

  2. fuxer says:

    I think Wargus would be the perfect choice 🙂

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  4. uberjack says:

    Is Blockout the same as Breakout/Arkanoid?

  5. zx-81 says:

    Blockout is 3d tetris game running on DOS plateform edited by California Games in 1989.
    There are existing clones running under Linux http://www.blockout.net/.

    I had begun to port Xblockout (http://bat710.univ-lyon1.fr/ftp/xbl/xbl.html) but never finished it.
    It needs a GUI and 3D rendering stuff (which is not my cup of tea).


  6. wraggster says:

    I myself would like to see FreeCNC ported to the PSP especially now that the original C&C game is freeware 🙂

  7. deniska says:

    I am pretty much done with Tyrian – playing it on my psp now!
    This game goes full speed with sound and all the other stuff..
    I’ll post it once I fix a couple of things with key assignments and correct save/load bug..

  8. andwhyisit says:

    RTP_RT.EXE for RPG Maker 2000 games as an eboot. (not the whole program, just the game running app which is the same for every RM2k game)

  9. odin says:

    Ok, its a bit OT… but a good cps3 emulator is possible?

  10. uberjack says:

    Nice job, deniska!

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  12. Tesseract says:

    Posted this on the DCEmu board regarding this subject, but I thought I’d post it here, too!

    – Master of Orion II –
    Thank god there was a DOS version of this game. The main reason I suggest this as opposed to the original MOO is for multiplayer support. Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure support would be fantastic.

    For the same reason (Multiplayer support) as MOO2, I’d love to see a port of CivNet as well. The Play-by-Email feature that’s built into the multiplayer mode would be PERFECT for the PSP in that you can play your turn, save, then shut off until you’re at a Wi-Fi spot again.

    While CivNet didn’t have a DOS version, it certainly isn’t too complicated of a program, being just a straight port of the original Civilization.

  13. bimbo says:

    Heretic 2 is possible?

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