PSP “Slim” binaries added

PSP “Slim”-compatible binaries have been added for all my emulator ports. Visit the specific emulator’s site and click the ‘Firmware version 1.00 and 2.00+’ binary link to download EBOOT’s compatible with older 1.00 firmware as well as the newer custom firmware.

Many thanks to the administrator of for his help in testing.

Also, please note that I don’t have access to the “Slim” PSP model for testing. If any of the binaries don’t work, let me know.


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4 Responses to PSP “Slim” binaries added

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  2. PSPFan says:

    Great work Uberjack 🙂
    I’ll let you know how these new binaries work out.

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  4. KEKC says:

    спасибо огромное!!!

    побежал играть в старые любимые атаревские игрушки ;))

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